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Emme’s private label gourmet items plus kitchen gadgets and Mama Jane’s mix creations provide variety for the discriminating shopper. 

Emme’s Private Label
Think the best salsas in the land, the unusual such as pickled quail eggs, succulent pickles, olives, beets, green beans and relishes.  All those and more with recipes directly from Emme’s.

Mama Jane Mixes
A fantastic product with a incredible story.  Mama Jane, a retired school teacher, had for many years, autistic children in her home.  Social services stopped assistance and the now young adults were to be sent to a nursing home.  It broke Mama Jane’s heart.  So, she started preparing and packaging this great product so as to earn money to be able to keep her wards and it gave them something to do.  From dips to soups, over one hundred of her mixes are available at Emme’s.

Kitchen Necessities
How about a hand-warmer (we have left and right) mug?  Or maybe some covering lids for your wine glass as well as your skillet?  Need an apron for either sex or even the youngster to help in the kitchen? Urban accent spices?  All that and more are in Emme’s kitchen collection.

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